Benefits of Using Mosaic Tiles Making Vibrating Table with Iron Surface

The primary task of a vibrating table is to distribute the density in the internal tissue of the stone uniformly, to minimize the micro-holes and surface holes in the product, and to guide the grain style and colour layer to the surface of finished product.
If the surface of the mosaic tiles making vibrating table vibrating table is made with aerodynamic sheet, there are possibilities that the holes in the table might be filled with mould material over time, leading to reduction the vibrating and movement capacity of the table. Hence, it is highly recommended that the surface of the vibrating table is made of iron so as to prevent the deterioration of vibration and proper movement of the table over time.
Benefits of Using Vibrating Table with Iron Surface
There are many benefits in using vibrating table with iron surface. First of all, it offers high endurance. There is no need to clean the surface unlike sheet surface. It helps in better movement of the mould on the surface of the vibrating table. It reduces the engine power as the use of heavy side sheets is prevented. Finally, it helps in reducing depreciation.
Horizontal/ Vertical Vibrating Table
If soft mould such as rubber mould and silicone mould is used, vibrating table with horizontal blows should be used. If dry mould such as metal mould, HP moulds, and ABS moulds are used, vibrating table with vertical blows should be used. In order to manufacture various types of concrete tiles and vibration mosaic or pebble design mosaic tiles, horizontal vibrating table can be used if using soft melds or rubber moulds.
Horizontal vibrating tables with one electric enginecan create only horizontal blows, but vibrating tables with two electric engines can create both horizontal as well as verticalblows.

Make sure that the mosaic making vibrating machine you buy is designed according to international standards for safety and efficiency. The machine must have the features such as sturdy construction, excellent reliability, high performance, low maintenance and longer service life. Further, you can get them in various technical specifications and can also be customized according to your needs.
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